CSSConf & JSConf AU

CSSConf and JSConf Australia were not-for-profit, community conferences focused on the future of design and development.

From the beginning of my career, I’ve chosen to be embedded in both design and engineering communities. Running events was an expression of deep care for advancing not only the craft but also the way we treat each other within those communities. From my commitment to inclusion stemmed focus on bringing marginalised groups to our stages and attendee lists, ensuring they feel welcome in an industry that can be hostile.

As the Director, I was responsible for every single aspect of the event. I was a part of the curation committee selecting industry-relevant talks. I have established numerous inclusion strategies (such as an anonymous selection process, accessibility statement, Code of Conduct and scholarship program) to ensure quantifiable success in making the conferences a welcoming space. I have art directed signage, swag materials and space design. I have managed volunteers, timelines and fundraising.

↓ Below: CSSConf Family Photo, lettering by Eliza Svikulis, on-demand printed t-shirts and JSConf audience.

CSSConf Family PhotoCSSConf LetteringCSSConf t-shirt printingJSConf audience

CSSConf and JSConf Australia brought in over 1,000 attendees every year with 24 talks delivered by international experts. The events not only provided a platform for new ideas but also established standards of excellence that other conferences have been following since.

For the full experience of the events, see photos or read attendee reviews, such as this one—8 things that CSSConf and JSConf AU got really, really right.







  • Curation
  • Marketing and communications
  • Art Direction
  • Fundraising
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