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Hello there, I’m Karolina 👋🏻 I’m a founder and seasoned product designer currently focused on building a sustainable SaaS business. I’m deeply passionate about product design at both a strategic and hands-on level.

As a design generalist, I love getting involved in the whole lifecycle of a product—from talking to customers, writing specifications, wireframing, visual design, content creation to marketing campaigns.

As a capable front-end engineer, I have the unique ability to bridge the gap between design and implementation (some call people with this skillset a unicorn 🦄—I digress) and build maintainable, fast and accessible interfaces.

Over a decade of remote work experience makes me a thoughtful communicator and an efficient contributor, no matter the timezone difference. I bring a breadth of experience in remote processes, collaboration and management, aware of both perks and downsides of the distributed way of working.

I’m an active participant in the tech community—showing up through speaking, writing, mentoring, advocacy and organising events. I ran over 15 industry-leading conferences, advised and spoken at dozens. My work has brought thousands of people together, setting a new framework for inclusive, high-quality events.

I studied Photography and Human-Computer Interaction, both of which pushed me to pursue a career in technology. I remain creative and focused on understanding the impact of technology on humans.

I live and work by my values—integrity, inclusion, radical candor and a people-first approach. I focus on the impact and ethics of my work; trying to leave the world a better place than I found it.

Outside of work, I’m a passionate photographer, yoga practitioner, lover of great coffee, minimalism and cats. I live in 🇦🇺Melbourne, frequenting my second home—🇵🇱Kraków.


I’ve spoken across the globe sharing my knowledge and experience in such subject areas as design, front-end engineering, inclusion and the ethics of tech. You can find some of my presentations here.

I’m currently not accepting invitations to speaking engagements.

Selected past talks

  • Creative Mornings Melbourne, AU
  • Web Directions Code Leaders Melbourne, AU
  • DDD Perth, AU
  • Tech Inclusion Melbourne, AU
  • Nordic.js Stockholm, SE
  • Front-end Conference Zürich, CH
  • HybridConf Dublin, IE
  • Forward.js San Francisco, US
  • CSSConf Asia Singapore, SG
  • FullStack London, GB
  • CSSConf Europe Berlin, DE
  • Future of Web Design Prague, CZ
  • JSConf Europe Berlin, DE
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