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Karolina Szczur

Philosophy #

Nothing is perfect, which is a hard fact to accept for a recovering perfectionist. Here, I embrace imperfections. A concept that comes to mind alongside the continuous practice of building a digital place for myself is kaizen. While a business practice at its core, I focus on the direct meaning: kai (改) meaning change or to correct and zen (善) meaning good or beneficial. Accordingly to kaizen, no change is too small to be beneficial. So here I am, working towards making it better and more authentic, when I have time.

That being said, it will forever remain my worry stone↗ (thank you, Ethan).

Design #

Figma↗ is my design tool of choice. I value simple, type-driven design, so this version relies on typographic flourishes and a colour palette inspired by the Australian bush and birds. Currently, it supports light and dark mode based on system preference. In the future, I’ll be adding a dedicated switch to choose the preferred color scheme.

Development #

This website is built using Eleventy↗ (11ty) using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Markdown. The source code is stored on GitHub↗, while Vercel takes care of hosting.

Typography #

I love readable, yet unique font families. Currently, this website is set in:

Inspiration #

I’m continuously inspired by many, but in this site iteration I’d like to specifically call out:

Credits #

I’d also like to mention people who helped this website become a reality through hands-on help: