Calibre Insights

The Brief

Calibre is a sophisticated, developer-oriented platform providing web performance monitoring. Up until now, to understand the fluctuations of performance metrics over time, customers had to carefully distil the graphs and data Calibre was presenting to them. This often was a complicated process involving navigating through multiple screens and views.

It became apparent there’s a need for a regular, shareable report, highlighting the most critical changes to performance metrics and drawing attention to what had to be addressed.

My responsibility was to research and design the report, keeping in mind prioritizing what’s important from the vast data set. Additionally, the goal was to showcase the amount of work Calibre does for its customers in the background.

Distilling the Data

The result was Insights—an opt-in, weekly or monthly email report sent for each site tracked. The format of an email ensures the timeliness of delivery, is easily printable and shareable with stakeholders who might not be registered Calibre users.

First and foremost, Insights highlight percentage changes in critical user experience metrics—Performance Score, Time to Interactive and First Contentful Paint. Those metrics were selected because they succinctly grade whether the experience of a product is fast, smooth and responsive.

↓ Below: Early sketches, finalised design and notes for implementation.

Insights sketchesInsights design notes
Insights preview

Insights also provide a birds-eye view of five top improved and degraded metrics. In monitoring, data fluctuation is frequent—it’s necessary to pinpoint the most significant changes to ensure statistical relevance.

Lastly, all of the information is put into the necessary context. Where the test ran from, how many were conducted, and which budgets were met. Insights successfully replaced customer automation scripts and custom dashboards, delivering an actionable user experience report.


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